During the months of February and March 2019, we will be collecting items or assembled UMCOR Hygiene Kits. These kits are important resources for individuals who have faced disasters and are in need of these basic items. We need your help! There is a display table in the foyer of the church with take-home UMCOR Hygiene Kit Material List and instructions on how to assemble the kit. Please pay close attention to the instructions as this will save our team time in checking them before they are sent to Mission Central. A $2 donation is needed per kit to supply the tooth
paste and assist with shipping costs. A collection can is on the display table for your donations. You can also donate money for our UMCOR Team to purchase items and assemble kits. Watch the, “Bringing Hope to the World Through UMCOR” kit count board as the number of completed kits grow.


The Fall 2017 Flood Cleanup Buckets project was a huge success. With over 40 buckets from the Westfield Community and an additional 104 from other United Methodist churches in Connecticut and Western Mass, we will make a sizable donation to support continued cleanups from a devastating storm season.

Thank you to the countless volunteers that helped purchase materials, assembled buckets, and transported them to our collection hub. Job well done!

If you're still interested in donating a Flood Bucket, instructions on how to assemble them can be found on the UMCOR website. Buckets may be dropped off to the FUMC main office. 


Rev. Bruce Arbour, Pastor