Giving to FUMC

First United Methodist Church's ministry is dependent on your generosity! Thank you for considering a gift to support our work in our community and around the world. You can conveniently use the Give button below to securely donate using a bank account, debit or credit card. Simply fill in the requested information and select which fund you'd like your tax-deductible donation to go to. Thank you!

Stewardship is the ministry of taking care of what God has given us so that we have the strength and ability to give our gifts and our service to God's church. In an ever-changing world, this may require some new thinking. For those of us who must spend much of our time at home or who are having financial difficulties or who must be first responders, traditional offering envelopes and church activities may not work very well. Here are some alternative suggestions:

  • Financial Stewardship

    • Electronic giving. FUMC offers you two electronic giving services. One automatically deposits your gift each week or each month of the next year by an amount you specify by filling out a single pledge form; the other allows you to click a button (above) on our church webpage that makes a single deposit in an amount you specify through the web page. Details will appear in the next stewardship letter.​

    • U.S. Mail: you can mail your gift to the church office weekly or monthly. This can be a pledged amount or an amount that you can give at that time.

    • Traditional offering envelopes will continue to be available.

  • Service Stewardship

    • Serve on a church committee or group

    • Bible studies/discussion of church-related matters via Zoom or social media

    • Contact members of our church who have become isolated

    • During warmer weather, have church meetings outside with social distancing.

The members of the first church in Jerusalem found their faith strengthened by their stewardship (Acts 4:32). Stewardship can help FUMC in our troubled times as well by helping us rethink and renew our faith.